The Latest News!

We are DONE delivering phone books!!!!  Can I get a witness?!  Wow! So very thankful for the opportunity, but SO very thankful it’s over! 😉  Here are just a few pictures of our phone book adventures!


The back of our vehicle all loaded up, ready to distribute! (we could usually fit roughly 325 per batch in our vehicle)


My sweet girl, doing her best to keep phone books in, and refilling Dad and brother’s bags when they would come back for more!


I couldn’t get a good one of my little guy FACING the camera, but, he sure worked hard helping! So proud of him!


And, finally, this was me and my sweetie on our LAST day of delivering phone books!  He took his lunch break to help me finish quicker!  What a man! 🙂


Well, we raised about $1700 delivering phone books, $4525 with our pancake feed and, are on to the next fundraiser!  I’m currently selling bracelets that were actually made in Haiti, from recycled items!  These bracelets are BEAUTIFUL and, they help support the children of Haiti, all the while, helping us fund our adoption!  So far, I’ve sold the first shipment of 150 that I received and, already have several orders for the next shipment! 

Just take a gander at these beauties!



My husband and I had our first meeting with our social worker just a few days ago and it went beautifully!  This may sound silly, but, considering the fact that she (our social worker) will be walking through this entire process with us, I was really hoping she wasn’t a mean, scary, wart-faced woman……….and, she isn’t! 🙂  She is very warm, easy to talk to and very down-to-earth!  We learned a LOT, asked a LOT of questions (okay, so, maybe I’M the one who asked a lot of questions) and, received some helpful and motivating information to get moving even quicker with this process!  Yippee!  The one detail that surprised us a little is that, with Haiti, the process is a little different than the way other countries seem to work.  Although each country handles it’s adoptions a little differently, most of the time, once you have submitted your dossier and it has been translated, there’s a substantial wait before you receive your referral.  With Haiti, you typically receive your referral right away, and then have a rather long wait before you get to travel to actually meet your child.  I’m not sure how I feel about this yet- on one hand, the wait will be excruciating, but, on the other hand, I think it will be very exciting to have a face, gender and name to put with the longing and prayers that have consumed our hearts for so long!

I think that gets us all caught up on the latest news!  Thanks again for all your prayer, support and generosity!  Keep ’em coming!



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